May 22, 2007
Keeper's curse proves costly for Iowa high school

The Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier didn't report exactly what the word was that Waterloo West's goalkeeper uttered after he misjudged a ball and gave up a corner kick. But the referee deemed it worthy of a red card, which was enough to eliminate the Wahawks from postseason play - because Iowa High School Athletic Association rules dictate that a team loses playoff eligibility if it collects four red cards during the season. Frank's ejection made it a quartet for the Wahawks and meant a forfeit in the regional game against Dubuque Senior while they were leading, 2-1.

"I had to call the association, and they said it's automatically done, right then and there," West athletic director Jeff Frost told the Courier. "It's a bad situation for everybody and a tough way for our seniors to go out, but the rules are the rules. Even if we would have continued playing, the state would have stepped in anyway and made us forfeit the game."